Office Waste and Recycling Service



The days of waste being a dirty subject are long gone and we understand that putting the right solutions in place to manage waste and recycling effectively, economically and with best practice environmentally is more important than ever. We work with our clients to identify the major waste streams produced and offer consultation on how to maximise recycling and marginalise cost.

General Waste

Whilst still the mainstay for many businesses this type of waste should really only be comprised of material that isn’t easily recyclable and is best used in conjunction with a broader recycling system.

We can supply many different sizes of containers for General Waste. They range from bags up to wheeled bins and larger types of containers for high volumes of waste.

The services we offer are all completely Zero to Landfill meaning that we will always endeavour to find the best possible and most environmentally sound means of disposing of your waste.

Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) Services

Our Dry Mixed Recycling option is built on the premise of convenience. One container that can take a mixture of the most common type of recyclable materials; paper, card, soft plastic and metal (aluminium and steel cans and tins). This service is great place to start for maximising recycling potential and boosting recycling figures. Most office waste is recyclable and the introduction of Dry Mixed Recycling can help your business to easily recycle over 80% of all the waste it produces if not more.

Again here we offer many different sizes of containers. They range from bags, to wheeled bins and larger containers for high volumes of waste. We can also consult on internal containers and systems to help compliment any recycling collection services we put in place.

Confidential Waste

Shredding internally can be expensive and people often do not understand just how expensive it can be with machine costs, staff costs, maintenance and end disposal of the shredded paper. Here at Cheshunt Group we can provide secure containers and arrange onsite or offsite shredding services.

Every organisation must adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 and failure to comply can result in fines of up to £500,000. We take the worry out of compliance and all relevant documentation relating to the collection and destruction of confidential materials will be supplied as a part of the service.